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Asmani, as one of the most elegant restaurants of Antalya, is distinguished with its menu offering a blend of traditional tastes from the Turkish and World cuisines, and its special bar, besides its unique view. 


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You can enjoy your dinner at Asmani as one of the best in town which offers a wide range of wine cellar and special cocktails. Being indispensable for special moments you will spend with your friends and loved ones, the restaurant is also a stylish alternative for business meetings and crowded celebrations.


The Host of Unforgettable Nights...

Asmani: The synonym of meeting around a table lightening the night up, touching the sky, moon and stars, talking to them and losing in a few rhythms that touch and enliven your soul... Meaning "a place that belongs to the sky, moon and sun" in the Ottoman language, Asmani invites you to be a guest of the sky around the tables prepared with all blessings of the sun.
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Always Fresh, Always Natural

Every taste is a unique feast...The most important thing for us to be a flawless host for this feast is to offer you a high-quality taste to your night. This is why we place special emphasis on our menu, products, freshness and always-refreshing tastes...
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